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Becoming A Vessel of Honor

Becoming A Vessel of Honor

Power over Satan Can Be Yours
Becoming a vessel of honor is written for all those children of God who hunger and thirst after a close personal relationship with Him. It is for those who long to hear His voice in their innermost being, who will not be satisfied with anything less than the experience of His presence and glory. It is for those who value such a relationship with our wonderful Creator enough to be willing to pay the price in their own lives to achieve it--the pain of daily carrying the cross. It is for those who are willing to strive for holiness in obedience to our beloved Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.
The purpose of this book is also to help you understand the rapidly expanding world of the occult so that not only can you can cleanse yourself from any involvement in it, but also avoid its traps.
—Rebecca Brown, MD

Subjects include:
The key to spiritual power--personal holiness
The armor of God--how to use it effectively
The sin nature--how to understand it and control it
Defilement of God’s temple--how to avoid it
The Holy Spirit vs. demon guides--knowing the difference
Deliverance--case studies and guidelines

This book contains secret satanic war plans previously not found in print. It reveals how the followers of Satan are openly confronting the followers of Jesus Christ. You must learn the key to spiritual power before you need it!
A must for every child of God!