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DVD-Legends Of Faith: Miracles of Jesus

$14.99 - $25.00
 DVD-Legends Of Faith: Miracles of Jesus

This DVD ROM provides stunningly lifelike still images portraying Biblical scenes with a reality that is sure to pique the interest of children and help them visualize the narrative.

For convenience the images are provided in two distinct formats:
* DVD video format - for use with DVD players
* PowerPoint format - for laptops and projectors or smartboards. PowerPoint format is customizable by the user.

The disc also contains printable pdf files of activity packs. these are designed to be printed and distributed to children to give them a story related activity after the lesson, these contain a colouring sheet, puzzle and memory verse.

Bible Stories On This DVD ROM # 1:

Raising of Lazarus
Healing of the Blind Man
Forgiving the Lame Man at Capernaum

Bible Stories of DVD ROM # 2:

Jairus' Daughter
Raising of Widow's Son at Nain
Water into Wine