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Geneva Bible (1560 Edition)-Hardcover

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Geneva Bible (1560 Edition)-Hardcover

The Geneva Bible was a monumental achievement in the history of Protestant Bible translation. Born in a time of religious and political upheaval it helped foster scripture literacy among the common people of England.
The first English Bible to be fully translated from the original languages, the Geneva Bible was the product of some of the finest biblical scholars of its day. It was the first to feature many innovations in the field of Bible publishing:

Text printed in readable roman type
Division of the text into numbered verses
Italic type used for words not in the original languages
Marks placed over the accented syllables to aid in pronouncing proper names
Extensive textual and explanatory commentary placed in the margins
Words/phrases displayed at the heads of pages to promote scripture memorization
Maps and woodcuts illustrating biblical scenes included
Sold in a variety of sizes so many people could afford a household Bible
English settlers that voyaged to the New World favored the Geneva Bible. It is probable that the Geneva Bible came to America in 1607 and was used in the Jamestown colony. Thirteen years later the Pilgrims brought it with them on the Mayflower's perilous voyage to religious freedom.


Facsimile of the University of Wisconsin Press edition of the 1560 Geneva Bible
Features clear, legible type throughout (marginal commentary is in smaller type)
Complete, original marginal commentary, maps and woodcut illustrations
Authoritative introduction to the Geneva Bible by Lloyd E. Berry