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Public Education Against America

Public Education Against America

America’s public education system has been hijacked!
While America wasn’t looking, reading, writing, and arithmetic were largely replaced by moral relativism and secular humanism in our public schools and universities. This manipulation of the values and beliefs of the next generation is not an accident or due to incompetence. It is a deliberate assault on the spiritual and moral compass of America’s children.
This book exposes:
How the radical academic left has outlawed student expressions of patriotism and faith—but only in the case of Christianity.
How “political correctness” has replaced freedom of speech on American campuses.
How schools utilize techniques to “reprogram” children as early as kindergarten!
The lies being taught to children under the guise of “Sex Education.”
How schools willfully manipulate the religious and moral beliefs of children—without the knowledge or consent of their parents—in order to create a new society based on “secular humanism.”
Why you should seriously consider removing your children from the public school system.
The one book every parent, taxpayer and college student MUST READ!