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Sexually Sanctified Divorce

Sexually Sanctified Divorce

SEXUALLY SANCTIFIED DIVORCE “. . . explores the anatomy of marital frac­ture that may result from a believer’s sexual cleansing subsequent to getting married.”
Sex is very powerful, and a strong drive for sex is a foremost motivation for many believers to marry. Believers who formerly were sexually immoral or obsessed usually experience spiritual growth and sexual cleansing in marriage. They cease practicing sexually immoral attitudes, actions, and relations, and they no longer tolerate such thinking and behavior by their mate. The divine transformation may change and disrupt their marital relations, and the sexual dysfunction will stress the marital union. Thus, a believer’s sexual sanctification may justifiably, though negatively, impact their mari­tal relationship and result in a breakup.
In the perspective of SEXUALLY SANCTIFIED DIVORCE, Christian divorce may not indicate spiritual degeneration. Certain breakups signal a believer’s spiritual growth in sexual temperament and conduct. Believers who face the disruptive marital consequences of living a clean sexual life may actually evince a positive response to Church teachings on sexual holiness.
Chapters Feature: Christian Divorce, Sexual Passion and Marriage, Sexual Sanctification, Sanctified Divorce.