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The Bible-Based Dictionary Of Prophetic Symbols

 The Bible-Based Dictionary Of Prophetic Symbols

Not an ordinary dictionary-loaded with divine wisdom!

The most comprehensive, illustrated Bible-based dictionary of prophetic and dream symbols ever compiled is contained in this one authoritative book!

Revelations from God are more common than most people would dare to believe—what is scarce is godly understanding of what is revealed.

The Bible-Based Dictionary of Prophetic Symbols is a masterpiece that intelligently and understandably bridges the gap between prophetic revelation and application—PLUS it includes the expanded version of the best selling Illustrated Bible-Based Dictionary of Dream Symbols.

Expertly designed, researched, and Holy Spirit inspired to provide you an extensive wealth of revelation knowledge about symbols and symbolic actions, this book is divided into four parts that go way beyond listing and defining words. Rhema word and divine prompting lift off every page!

Biblically sound and supported, best-selling author and pastor Dr. Joe Ibojie discusses in detail topics including:

God speaks to everyone, but not in the same way.
God speaks in dreams and visions.
God speaks in clear language.
God speaks in riddles or parables.
God speaks in dark speeches
“Everyone should strive to sharpen all the methods by which God communicates, while mastering the dominant way of receiving from God. When you avoid stereotyping God’s avenues of communication, you open great potentials to hear from Him.” -Dr. Joe Ibojie